EdTech Startup India | Types, 3 Major Companies, and Role of Youth

Ed-Tech Startup: Types, Major Companies And Role Of Youth

Types of EdTech companies in India Broad Online Learning For businesses centered topics, such as maths, astronomy, photography, and music — universities partnerships with private sector companies to broad online learning segment. Learning Management Systems Such businesses have software frameworks that strengthen the interaction between pupils, teachers, and parents. It also monitors the learner’s success, … Read more

Why was Bitcoin Cryptocurrency created and Should You Invest

Cryptocurrency- Why Was Bitcoin Created & Should You Invest?

What is Cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency is a subject that has lovers and passionate haters, too, and many people who don’t know what it is.Cryptocurrency is based on blockchain technology. A cryptocurrency is a form of digital currency, and bitcoin is a product of that. There are many different prices and protocols, but some core principles stay … Read more

How to Become a Data Scientist and Analyst | Big Data Analyst

How To Become Data Scientist & Analyst In 2021

Data science jobs require you to be versatile to adapt to the various techniques used to analyze and solve problems. Data science jobs are available in information science, computer science, health care, and business. One can choose from different fields of Data Scientists based on their interest or even geographical location. There is a need … Read more

What is Web Development – Full Stack Web Development Roadmap

what is full stack web development

Web Development is a promising field with various growing job opportunities. Every minute, multiple websites are created, increasing the opportunities to a great range. Every year, new methods and frameworks come and make the field more promising and exciting. This article tried to provide The Full-stack Web Developer Roadmap that you should consider in your … Read more

What is Big Data – Types, Applications, Storage, and Analytics

Big Data

Massive, Isn’t it? This massive amount of data is known as Big Data. Big Data is the collection of an enormous volume of data growing mountingly over time that cannot be efficiently processed or stored by traditional data management or computing tools. Check more about Data Science. Data or Big Data? Any data is Big … Read more

What is Blockchain technology | Meaning, Smart Contracts, Applications Explained

blockchain technology

Structure of a Block Each Block Contains Three Parts Data: Data is the information to be stored in the block. The stored information in the block depends upon the type of block. Hash: Hash is the combination of characters that helps to identify a block and is always unique. Hash generates with the creation of a … Read more

What is Quantum Computing | Meaning, Quantum Supremacy, Applications Explained

Quantum Computing

Technology is improving day by day; electronic devices are getting improved physically and logically but to their specified limits. But here comes Quantum Computing which is about meeting the limits of a device. So, we will discuss Quantum Computers, Quantum Computing, Quantum Supremacy, and major advancements in the field. Steps to demonstrate quantum supremacy(as per … Read more