Discovering Tut: The Saga Continues Class 11 – Hornbill Chapter 3 Summary and Explanation

Class 11- Hornbill Chapter 3 Discovering Tut: The Sega Continues

Tut was an Egyptian king. His full name was King Tutankhaten which he later changed into Tutankhamun. The story “Discovering Tut: The Saga Continues” is all about exploring King Tut’s mummy and discovering why King Tut died and when he died. Exploring and undergoing a series of research scientists unfold the mystery of King Tut’s … Read more

Benjamin Graham’s The Intelligent Investor Book Summary

The Intelligent Investor By Benjamin Graham

Book Details Book Name The Intelligent Investor Author Benjamin Graham Subjects Security and Investment Publishing Date 1949 The Intelligent Investor Book Details Teenage is the most misunderstood age among humankind. At this period, i.e., 13-19, we possess a lot of energy as a form of potential energy which, if used in a better way, can … Read more

The God Delusion Book by Richard Dawkins Summary and Answers

The God Delusion book Summary and review

Book Details Book Name The God Delusion Author Richard Dawkins Genre Non-Fiction Publishing Date October 2, 2006 Rating by Editor 4.5/5.0 The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins Listen to The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins Audio Book Summary Introduction The God Delusion questions the idea of God. Is there any argument for believing that God … Read more