Discovering Tut: The Saga Continues Class 11 – Hornbill Chapter 3 Summary and Explanation

Tut was an Egyptian king. His full name was King Tutankhaten which he later changed into Tutankhamun. The story “Discovering Tut: The Saga Continues” is all about exploring King Tut’s mummy and discovering why King Tut died and when he died.


Exploring and undergoing a series of research scientists unfold the mystery of King Tut’s death. And hence, the name can be related to “Discovering Tut: The Saga Continues”.

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Discovering Tut: The Saga Continues Animated Book Summary

Who was King Tut?

Birth: 1341 BC
Death: 1321 BC

King Tut was just a teenager when he died. He was the last heir of a powerful family that had ruled Egypt for centuries. The most extreme possibility of King Tut’s death was murder. It was believed that King Tut was murdered. Some people believed that King Tut died of an infected broken leg. However, in 2010, scientists found traces of malaria parasites.


After King Tut’s death, he was mummified and preserved inside a tomb. His mummy was decorated with jewels, gold, and many precious ornaments. His tomb was decorated with several precious paintings.

Who discovered King Tut and Why?

In the year 1922, Howard Carter took an aspiration to find King Tut’s mummy and research over it to discover the mysteries it was hiding.

“Howard Carter was the person who discovered King Tut in the year 1922.”

Howard Carter was a British archaeologist and was very passionate about his work. King Tut’s story seemed very fascinating to him and so he took initiation to find King Tut’s mummy and study it to find the real story about King Tut, like How King Tut died? How young he was when he died?’

Facts revealed after researching King Tut’s Mummy:

  1. King Tut’s coffin was sealed with three layers of gold sheet.
  2. King Tut’s mummy had an inscribed text that says “Whoever will disturb King Tut’s death body will certainly meet death.” (Because people then believed that death is just a sleep, after death there is an another life; which they called ‘After Life’.
  3. King Tut is one of the first mummy to be scanned under a portable CT Scanner machine donated by National Geographic Society and Siemens (January 5, 2005).
  4. The CT machine scanned the mummy head to toe, creating 1700 digital X-ray in cross-section.
  5. After unwrapping the first layer of gold sheet archaeologists found Garlands of olive leaves, lotus petals, and cornflowers.
  6. Archaeologists drew a conclusion that King Tut died a natural death. After researching a lot, scientists found traces of malaria parasites.

After completing their research on King Tut’s mummy they responsibly put his mummy inside the tomb and sealed it again. The scientists were happy because nothing went wrong. It was a hard job but it ended up pretty well.

Important Dates | Discovering Tut: The Saga Continues

  • 1922 – Howard Carter King Tut’s mummy.
  • 1968 – The anatomy professor revealed missing bones and ribs. He went through an X-Ray.
  • Jan 5, 2005 – Put to CT scan.

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