EdTech Startup India | Types, 3 Major Companies, and Role of Youth

What is EdTech Start-up? 

There is nothing new about the bold notion of ‘Educational Technology’ or EdTech. Since its inception, the EdTech industry has gone through some tough times. But with the recent recession in American education, there is revived enthusiasm and investment. Including fresh and creative thoughts about boosting public education and cutting costs, EdTech firms or start-ups are everywhere.
The sector of EdTech (education + technology companies) draws huge funds from investors as millions of students have migrated many hours a day from school to college to online courses. Today, EdTech’s market is predicted to grow dramatically in the coming years, thanks to NEP 2020.

Types of EdTech companies in India

Types of EdTech companies in India
Types of EdTech companies in India

Broad Online Learning

For businesses centered topics, such as maths, astronomy, photography, and music — universities partnerships with private sector companies to broad online learning segment.


Learning Management Systems

Such businesses have software frameworks that strengthen the interaction between pupils, teachers, and parents. It also monitors the learner’s success, tracks tasks, posts content, and includes online message forums.

Career Development

Many EdTech organizations offer instructional content for career growth, such as financial instruction, to individuals and firms. Many MOOC courses provided by EdTech industries are focused on skill-building so that the students can be prepared to face the industry.

Early Childhood Education

This is a big community of enterprises that produce little kids educational toys and games that can be played in pre-school or at home. Visual learning will help children learn more effectively and efficiently, ultimately leading to a student’s proper childhood growth.

English Learning

Language services are enormous and range from in-school programs to self-teaching for kids and adults of all ages. They are using English as primary language e-learning has taken a boost as English is the largest language by the number of speakers.

Tech Learning

Tech learning may be one of the leading groups for adults, with a vast number of private universities and technical programs teaching subjects such as coding and updates in fields such as protection in the tech industry for career growth.

Research Tools

These have become a standard, with many high schools, universities, and technical schools providing classes that train their pupils and clients for their educational programs to thrive. The idea is that it is important for everybody to “learn how to learn.”


Course Materials

Individuals in the EdTech market do not know how big or high the sales are for all firms that offer materials for the classroom. Anything adds up to a good-sized slice of the instructional pie, from textbooks to research materials. Today Data Science had created the biggest market for the EdTech industry. Know more about how to become a data scientist.

Test Preparation

They are loved by parents, not so much by students. Test planning firms train candidates for the standardized examinations and entrance assessments faced by students, including tests such as GRE, GMAT, SAT, and technical tests such as CPA, Series 7, and Bar.

The Major EdTech Companies in India

The Major EdTech Companies in India
The Major EdTech Companies in India


In addition to courses designed to enable students to take competitive exercises such as JEE, NEET, CAT, IAS, GRE, and GMAT, the BYJU’S is India’s first unicorn Ed Tech app that was launched in 2015. Recently, Disney has also collaborated to launch a Class I to III application for studying.


Gradeup intends to expand its participation in the K12 space by adding one year and two years for Class XI and XII students studying for JEE and NEET. In order to further optimize students’ success, data analytics and engagement management are essential for Gradeup development. The company aims to improve further its data analysis technology capabilities.


Gaurav Munjal founded this Bengaluru-based start-up as a YouTube channel in 2010. In 2015 it was officially approved to be a training technology site when Roman Saini and Hemesh Singh joined the venture. To date, $88.5 Mn has been earned.

The organization estimates that there are more than 10,000 qualified teachers and over 13,000 students. It also notes that it has 100 minutes of monthly views across all its multiple platforms, such as Unacademy, Unacademy Plus, Wifistudies, Unacademy Studios, and the Solutions.

What is the Role of youth in EdTech? 

EdTech fills the differences between conventional education, such as the absence of individual tutoring and standardization, from the students’ viewpoint.
It made it possible to combine creative pedagogy with a low-cost paradigm of flexible education services.
Macroeconomic trends such as expanded internet penetration and a broad youth base of smartphones have built a favorable climate over the years to develop EdTech businesses. Growing disposal revenue compensates for the expense of online schooling, making it accessible for middle-income households in India. Because of the country’s history in competitive exams, K-12 schooling and test preparation are high-demand segments in India. Finally, the need for varied workplace skills makes young people gravitate to networks that supply their mobile devices with such resources.

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