Jay Shetty’s Think Like a Monk Book Summary And Quotes

Have you ever wondered how pure the mind of a monk would be or what it takes to “Think Like A Monk”? It is always believed – There is a monk in every individual but, all the serene and obsolete characteristics are covered with the uptakes from the near ambiance that they are brought up in.

Book Details

Book NameThink Like A Monk
AuthorJay Shetty
Publishing Date8 September 2020
Rating by Editor4.5/5.0


THINK LIKE A MONK is a unique admirable book that astoundingly portrays how a simple graduate dares to choose to become a literate monk other than the cliche category of doctors, lawyers, and engineers. 

A brilliant explanation of the difference between the “monkey mind” and the “monk mind” welcomes the readers into the core of the ever-lightening Novel. Sometimes in life, we tend to implement ideologies from our co-mates. “But it is always said that it is better to live your destiny imperfectly than to live an imitation of somebody else’s life with perfection.”


Who Should Read This Book

This book is a perfect guide for the one who wishes to transform from the influence of external noises and the external environment.

None wants to dive into the tycoon of depression or overthink, but our mental state, which we force ourselves into, makes that happen.

“If daring to become a monk is phase one, ultimately attaining the wisdom of peace was phase two, adding to it reversing the process from a PERFECT MONK back to an average human was the hearted lion phase that one could feel under their veins.

About The Book

What would you encounter in this evergreen book?
The answer to it is right here:


  1. IDENTITY – I am What I Think I Am
  2. NEGATIVITY – The Evil King Goes Hungry
  3. FEAR – Welcome to Hotel Earth
  4. INTENSION – Blinded by the Gold


  1. PURPOSE – The Nature of Scorpion
  2. ROUTINE – Location Has Energy; Time Has Memory
  3. THE MIND – The Charioteer’s Dilemma
  4. EGO – Catch Me If You Can


  1. GRATITUDE – The World’s Most Powerful Drug
  2. RELATIONSHIPS – People Watching
  3. SERVICE – Plant Trees Under Whose Shade You Do Not Plan to Sit

Isn’t it mind-boggling? This very statement questions ourselves to think of what we believe about ourselves and also what we think about, what others think about us. Sounding super ecstatic, right? We are all stuck in a world where we are held up, shaping ourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually just to please others. If we question ourselves, that is all the meaning of what is life meant to be? That is where we realize how many parts of life we have just wasted only to please others.

The only way to build a self-identity and admire ourselves would be to filter out the noise and look from within us through our soul.

To tune in to a world where we hear ourselves, we ought to initially audit our time, life, present, past values, negative comments, and companions.


Once we identify who we are, what we are, and understand the true essence of ourselves, we learn to deal with “THE GREEN EYED MONSTER – NEGATIVITY.”

Negativity is CONTAGIOUS. But when something is bothering us, it is always better to follow the “REVERSE EXTERNAL NEGATIVITY.” 

Things in front of us might always seem to be a piece of cake. But the Demon FEAR neither lets us consider it as a piece of cake nor allows us to sort it completely. But it is necessary to get rid of something which is either troubling us or hindering our peace of mind.

The longer we hold on to fears, the more they ferment until eventually, they become toxic.

Happiness comes only from mastering the mind and connecting with the soul – not from objects or attainments. Only having intentions isn’t enough, but we ought to live our purposes. It is okay to live an indifferent life. There are a lot of differences when we work for ourselves instead of living other’s lives.

Since we have learned our intentions, we get rid of our fear and understand our Identity.

Time to GROW, GROW, GROW!!!

Passion + Expertise + Usefulness = Dharma

We can’t be anything we want. But we can be everything we want. A monk’s mind immensely Wooten’s this during the process of conversion from a monkey mind to a monk mind.


Growth is the first step towards training the mind purpose every day. Each line of the book is a kickass experience, and every line you read relates you to one incident of your life, which you wouldn’t have done if someone had already told you about how to behave then.
Everything that begins has an end. But there are a lot of reversible reactions in life which yield an extreme sweet outcome!

Best Quotes From Think Like a Monk

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