Into The Water Book by Paula Hawkins Novel Summary

Book Details

Book NameInto The Water
AuthorPaula Hawkins
GenreNovel, Thriller, Mystery, Suspense, Psychological Fiction
Publishing Date2 May 2017
Rating by Editor3.5/5.0


Into The Water is set in a village in England. Into The Water is a fantastic mystery and thriller book. Paula Hawkins has kept the mystery throughout the book. This book might confuse you for the number of characters in this book. This book keeps cooling as you go ahead. This book slowly opens the mystery. The writing skills of Paula Hawkins are excellent.


This book is not connected to Paula Hawkins’s first book, i.e., The girl on the train. The girl on the train was set in London and London’s suburbs, while Into The Water is set in England’s tiny village.

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The story begins with the death of a woman who was a single mother. She was drowning in a mysterious river. People thought that she killed herself, but her family thinks otherwise. So, this incident brings the villagers together. Two months before this incident, a teenager drowned in the same river that led to her death. Daniella Abbott, better known as Nel Abbott, was researching that mysterious river for a long time. She believed that before 200-300 years, the river was used to drown the witches, and in these 200 years, this river had taken many lives.

She had published many articles and books about the river. So amidst this mystery comes to the entire town, and then there are many characters coming into play. There are so many characters in the book that you will find it hard to connect for a while. Who performed what action? You must read the book carefully.

Paula has not focused on writing Into The Water from a single character’s perspective. At a time, you will feel this book is written from each character’s perspective, and so it gives the book that versatility and can be more clear about each character’s personality. But at times, you will find it confusing to remember the characters, who was who. But the end of the book is equally amazing. After you finish reading, the book will have a clear idea of what happened to which character. Paula Hawkin’s writing was amazing throughout the book.


Overall, this book is an outstanding package of thriller, mystery, dark, suspense, and a bit of drama.

Some FAQ About The Book

Is into the water a good book?

Definitely, Into the water is a fantastic book. Throughout the book, you will never feel the strain. All the chapters will hold your excitement very well. The writing of Paula Hawkins is highly satisfying to read. Each event and character are well explained. It is an excellent book to read. Into The Water is one of the wonderful books by Paula Hawkins.

What genre is into the book Into The Water by Paula Hawkins?

Into The Water by Paula Hawkins is an outstanding package of thriller, mystery, dark, suspense, and a bit of drama. If specifying one specific genre, then it is a Mystery Thriller book.
The story of a small village in England, a mysterious river, death of a witch makes Into The Water a mystery Thriller Book.

Which Paula Hawkin’s book is better, Into The Water or The Girl On The Train?

Which Paula Hawkin's Book Is Better, Into The Water Or The Girl On The Train?

Both the books, Into The Water and The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins, are fantastic. Neither of them is connected, but if I have to pick one of the books from Into The Water or The Girl On The Train, I will choose The Girl On The Train.
Into The Water is undoubtedly a good book, but it is just that The Girl On The Train came first and raised the expectations in the readers’ eyes for Paula Hawkins but Into THe Water failed to deliver it.
It depends on the reader to the reader how better they can visualize and relate the story. In my opinion, both books are distinct and pleasing.

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