Rework Book Summary by Jason Fried and David Hansson

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Book NameRework
AuthorJason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson
Published9 March 2010
Rating by Editor4.0/5.0

ReWork by Jason Fried and David Hansson isn’t a book on academic theories. It revisits the principles you must have visited in your life for success. The authors are co-founders of Basecamp, a project management software that generated millions of dollars within five years. They have also started a backpack, a knowledge-sharing tool, and a campfire, a business chat tool, and about 100 million messages have been sent through it.

ReWork consists of 12 principles that challenge 21st-century regulations for success. It metaphors the way people have been working throughout their life. It also challenges the new millennial fantasy entrepreneurship by calling people to be starters rather than being entrepreneurs.


About Rework

This book is about motivation and changing the perception of how you carry out daily life activities. This book challenges the modern myths of being a workaholic, not being a quitter, planning every day, and ASAP the new modern problem for people. This book is not about setting about setup. A man is remembered through an idea; the inspiration is perishable. Uniqueness makes a product viable and contagious. This book also breaks the myth of confusion of enthusiasm with priority. It also focuses people on sending their employees at 5 for better productivity. Hire less mass yet pick quality. This book is not a conventional orthodox self-help book.

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Who should read Rework?

This book is for all ages and classes, anyone interested in setting up a business or working as an employee. This book is a flier to those who want to expand and improvise their learning and working experience. This book is, for starters, who will become the benefactor and panacea to future problems. This book is also for readers of non-fiction journals.

Summary of Rework

Learning from your mistakes is overrated. You can only grasp what not to do from mistakes but what to do and how to execute the plan for your business. You learn from success. Try to taste victory so you can perpetually taste success.

Planning is guessing: Plans let the past drive the future. When we write a plan for a year about business or finances, they are guesses, and when we think of this as a reconcile we are into Pandora’s box.

Be a starter rather than an entrepreneur: Entrepreneurs had been a cliche from the frequent years, everyday firms start, and every day they shut down. Be a starter. Anyone who builds a new business is a starter one idea is worth living.

Workaholism: The greatest myth of this world people are becoming workaholics. In the end, workaholics don’t achieve more than non-workaholics. Sleep is the utmost need of the human health sphere; working till late enhances pressure, not productivity.

Scratch your itch: Unless you know about the problem, you can only sell the issue. Sell and create a product you want to use for ourself.


Start a business, not a startup: A startup is a magical place, where expenses are someone else problem. Business old or new has the primary marketing rule revenue in, expenses out. Learn to make a profit without profit is always a hobby. In a business, you learn about bills and payrolls.

Meetings are toxic: A meeting is actually about abstract concepts for a time limit; meetings could be more productive when a group of people with a common agenda with a particular time limit is called and sent off with a solution to execute.

Don’t be a hero: It is better to be a quitter than a hero. Working for 16 hours on a project that needed only 2 hours, it’s better to quit projects that exempt you from doing other important and necessary actions.

Decommoditize your product:

  • Others are always copying a successful product.
  • Whats differs from an original.
  • A copy is a uniqueness a product is lodged with.

One can copy a product, not its idea. The way it is presented, competitors can never copy you in the product.

Let your customers outgrow you: A basic and straightforward product helps the old customer hooked and new customers build up. Companies need to be true to a customer type more than a specific individual customer with changing needs.

Nobody likes plastic flowers: You don’t need to be perfect; you need to be true to yourself. Imperfections are natural, and people respond to reality. A thing too much polished loses its soul.

Takedowns on Rework

Ignore the real world; the world in existence is a cynical place. New ideas don’t get seeded and planted easily. Your opinion is not of worth and productivity; it is a harbinger of failure and depression for you, so ignore the real world, which is full of people who had not tried.

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