How to Learn How to Code for Beginners: Programming from Scratch

How To Learn How To Code For Beginners: Whenever we think of doing something, the first question which comes to our mind is – “How to do it & From where to start”. How To Learn How To Code For Beginners: Programming From Scratch? This question has a lot of answers. If you are reading this, most probably you are a programming aspirant or you are interested in programming. So, let’s get started with How To Learn How To Code For Beginners.

How To Learn How To Code For Beginners: Programming From Scratch

Programming as a profession has a lot of challenges that may have bad effects on your social life as programming requires time, attention and so.


Disclaimer: Programming can be the reason for your break-up. Oh, wait if you are choosing to code then you do not have one.

So, How To Learn How To Code For Beginners?

To start programming from scratch,

1. Do research on the programming languages till you can and find the one which suits you the best and always keep in your mind – ‘It’s not true that you have to start with C’.You can start coding with any language you want. Like:- If your motive is to play with data jump to Python or R.

2. Once you found the language. Start exploring its scope, job profiles, community, and a good book and try to work on the logic building. Remember ‘Logic is more important than syntax.’“Books are uniquely portable magic” 

3. Search for a good free website that offers free learning (as most of the aspirants are still teenagers) for example, Use youtube.

4. Use social media as a source of knowledge, and follow educational pages and educational creators.To stay motivated.

5. Keep attempting online quizzes.

6. Once you have completed the basics of the language, work on some projects for beginners like Your Own Calculator or some projects like: Random Movie Suggester, Random Word Generator, Random Letter Generator, Yes or No Game, Loves Me, Loves Me Not Game.


7. If you are confident enough, start doing competitive coding on platforms like HackerEarthCodeVita.

8. Don’t forget to maintain your social life and never stop reading.

Bonus Tip:- Code every day. It can be a line or 100 lines doesn’t matter. Don’t forget to code every day and do as many projects as you can. Doing projects improves the sense of applying concepts and boosts your confidence.

When I was a beginner

I was totally dependent on my school teachers that they will make me a good Developer and I made zero self-efforts like many of you are doing. Don’t do the same mistake and be ‘Aatmnirbhar’. 

Instead of thinking of How to start coding in 2021, execute it. Do your own research and learn by yourself. I am not saying to leave your school/college. School/College plays a vital role but they have a curriculum to follow and so they are bounded to teach only those things which are listed in the syllabus. The second thing I want to share is that please invest money in books because books are the key to success as they have the pre-decided format to be followed. I done the mistake of not following the book which made me learn in an unorganized manner.

Never hesitate to ask. No question is dumb. I used to be the kind of student who was too shy to ask that negatively affected my learning. 

Last but not least don’t bound yourself and never compare knowledge with education as a person with a degree can also be dumb.

“In a fantasy story, with the right runes, a wizard can do anything. With the right codes, a programmer can do anything.”

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How to Learn How to Code for Beginners: Programming from Scratch

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