Elon Musk on Signal: What is signal app and why Signal is trending?

What is the Signal Messenger app?

1. The Signal application is a cross-platform encrypted messaging service developed by the Signal Foundation and Signal Messenger LLC.
2. It was created and developed by Moxie Marlinspike, which received initial funding from WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton.
3. The signal app uses the internet to facilitate one-to-one voice and video calls, and the android version can optionally function as an SMS app.
4. The Signal is an open-source application, so you must not worry about your privacy as concerned on WhatsApp.
5. It includes all functionalities like a private conversation, disappearing messages, and a dedicated night mode.

Why should you use the Signal app?

1. A big corporation does not own Signal.

Signal Messenger LLC works under a non-profit organization called the Signal Foundation, founded after Acton left Whatsapp and donated $50 million to Signal. The app is widely considered as the “gold standard for encrypted texting today.”

Tweet from the Signal app to acknowledge the support

2. You exactly know what is inside the app.

The signal app is an open-source application, which means that the source code (a procedure to create an application) is publically available.

3. Everything is encrypted, even the GIFs you send.

Signal encrypts everything an individual can think of, including the profile picture, voice and video calls, photos, attachments, stickers, locations, and even pins.

4. Security backup your charts and keep contacts on your device.

Signal also does not send unsecured backups of your messages to the cloud where anyone, including Google and WhatsApp, can easily read them. Instead, Signal stores data in an encrypted database on your phone and only you hold the key.

5. You will get the most privacy-friendly features first.

One of the Signal’s oldest and most features is the one that lets you make the messages disappear. The message disappearance is the recently added feature of Whatsapp. Users can set a timer ranging from 10 seconds to a week for messages to disappear so that any message older than that will disappear.

6.Restricts other apps of your device to get information about your typing.

One such feature in an incognito keyword option tells your keyboard not to learn what you type on the app.
Another framework called the “screen security” on the Signal app for Android restricts other apps from gaining any information from/about your signal window and see what you are typing, which is neat.

Why is the Signal app trending?

In Jan 2021, the Whatsapp messenger application came with a new “privacy policy update.” After this announcement, users were concerned about their privacy and were willing to shift to either the Telegram app or Signal app.
Signal got its boom after renowned entrepreneur Elon Musk, CEO of Space X and Tesla, tweeted, “Use Signal.” And the moment when the tweet was live, immediately “Use Signal” became a slogan. The slogan spread rapidly.
Not only Elon Musk spoke about the Signal app, but the Signal app was also endorsed by a whistleblower and privacy advocate Edward Snowden as well as Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.”
Just after Elon Musk’s tweet, the Signal app’s share price rose by 1100 per cost. It is incredible growth in the share price of the Signal app. The developers and CEO were so busy after that, the CEO stated, “My team and I did not sleep properly for 72 hours”. Now, the market capitalization of the Signal is $660 million. It was a massive rise from $55 million.

Elon Musk’s Tweet on the Signal app
Impact of Elon Musk’s Tweet
Impact of Elon Musk’s Tweet (India)

What was Whatsapp’s response to this?

After all these series of events, Whatsapp clarified that they did not intend to harm their users’ privacy. Whatsapp is rolling out new updates in March. They are concerned about the user’s privacy.
Here are the statements given by Whatsapp:

WhatsApp’s response to its new privacy policy
  • We can’t monitor your personal messages or hear your calls, and neither can Facebook.
  • We don’t keep logs of who everyone is texting or calling.
  • We can’t see your shared location, and neither can Facebook.
  • We don’t share your contacts with Facebook.
  • Groups remain private.
  • You can set your messages to disappear.
  • You can download your data.
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